Thin Client Quantum Qhm6056b

  • CENTRALISED COMPUTING: The Quantum Thin Client is an incredible tool that reduces clutter and complexity. It can connect up to 30 users to a server for multi-user computing.
  • EASY MANAGEMENT: The thin client helps in easy management of your systems. It helps in reducing the time and money spent on IT deploying, updating and managing individual employee computers.
  • REDUCED POWER CONSUMPTION: This reduces your power consumption by reducing the number of CPUs needed, which ultimately lowers carbon footprints.
  • SLEEK DEVICE: Efficient manageability, engineered to perfection, made up of durable materials, a smart device for seamless connectivity, incredibly powerful and high-performance workstations, low power consumption, universal performance, fan-less systems, and quick boot-up.
  • PROCESSOR: Dual-Core (A7) 1GHz.
  • Memory DDR 512MB NAND Flash soldered on-board.
  • Storage of 64 MB NAND Flash soldered on-board with 4GB ROM

Minimum Server Requirements.

  • 2.0 GHz Processor.
  • 40 GB Hard Disk Drive.
  • Microsoft Windows or Linux.
  • Ethernet Switch or Router.
  • need 512MB RAM per client on the server
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